Albuquerque Litigation Prevention and Defense

If you are in need of a law firm to help you with civil rights, employment law or medical malpractice defense, Kennedy, Moulton, & Wells, P.C., is the answer you are looking for. We defend clients in litigation as well as offer training and education on how to avoid situations that may lead to potential litigation. Our New Mexico attorneys represent cities throughout the state, including Albuquerque, Los Cruces, Gallup, Los Alamos, Silver City, Clovis, Santa Fe, and Roswell. Contact us today to learn more about the services our lawyers provide.

At Kennedy, Moulton, & Wells, we defend clients in several different areas, including:

Civil Rights - Our New Mexico civil rights attorneys defend governmental entities, companies, and others from various claims including Title VII, the Americans with Disabilities Act, New Mexico Human Rights Act, and Family Medical Leave Act.

Medical Malpractice - Medical malpractice suits are a serious thing, and at Kennedy, Moulton, & Wells, we represent clients with suits against them. We defend doctors, hospitals, and any party accused of malpractice, from surgeons to nurses to technicians. We defend against any type of case brought, be it correctional medicine, emergency medicine, surgery, or dental work.

Employment Law - There are many types of cases that our Albuquerque employment lawyers handle. We represent clients in discrimination cases regarding sex, race, national origin, and age. We also defend clients in sexual orientation suits, breach of contract, prima facie torts, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Finally, we will investigate claims for clients who are required to ascertain the validity of a claim against them.

Educational Law - We represent schools and school districts against wrongful discharge claims brought by terminated employees, as well as help with due process rights. We also will oversee mediations and administrative hearings.

Constitutional Law - Our New Mexico constitutional law attorneys defend clients who have constitutional law claims brought against them, including claims brought under the First Amendment, Fourth Amendment, Eighth Amendment, and the Fourteenth Amendment. We also represent governmental bodies, such as prisons, against claims of cruel and unusual punishment and search and seizure issues.

Governmental Entity Representation - The lawyers at Kennedy, Moulton, & Wells defend governmental entities against any and all claims. These claims may include police misconduct, employment discrimination, and civil rights claims. We also offer training and investigation work for governmental bodies.